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When you come into the mortal world, you are welcomed with a lot of pomp and celebration. Your parents and families collect many expectations and dreams that they’d wish you to cater to and fulfil, just to see you progress in life. You can call it a selfish motive of theirs to be proud of you, or you can name it traditional rigidity. You grow up to be a controlled individual, and seek guidance to make life easier and better when you realise you have some hidden potential. That is when you seek astral guidance.

This could also be a one way projection. There are many other reasons apart from what your own people expect out of you. Your personal expectations, health and social endeavours are all a part of your well being that need to be nurtured with discipline and faith. Astrology is one of the most reliable sources that you can bank on, to guide you through to have a disciplined and strategic approach towards life.

Astrology is often misunderstood to be fortune telling and supernatural prediction. To some extent, it does depend on the supernatural according to ancient Hindu texts and beliefs. However, science also has a role to play. Astrology is based on the planetary positions of your birth and which planet is strongly associated with your personal traits and characteristics. It might not convince you in one go, and might need a lot more for you to have faith in it. Faith is also an important part of astral reading for an individual, and it is important to have faith and belief in whatever you think, say and do. At AskAstroGuru, we clear all the worldly notions you might have heard about astrology, and introduce how powerful and helpful astrology is.

At AskAstroGuru, we are a team of highly experienced astrologists, palmists, numerologists, and vastu specialists who can help you with detailed understanding of your personality traits based on your birth date or palm reading, and solutions or remedies for any emotional turmoil, health problem or financial dilemma that you are discomforted with. We do not give you any unnecessary information. Instead, we aim to help you in every way to motivate yourself into moulding your life to the way you want. We also, help you with remedies to progress personally and professionally with our services.

If you have any further queries and doubts, please do feel free to write to us, or call us for an appointment. We shall be more than happy to offer our services and help you lead a comfortable life.

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Our services

You name it and we have it. Everything that you want to
know about your career, marriage, finances, and remedies to help.


A glance at what you are destined to be, and what you wish to be.

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To make life better, and to know about marriage yoga.

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Vastu Shastra

Activates the energies of nature to bring luck to favour you.

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Progeny, and readings related to putra yoga.

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Planetary dislocations that can be resolved by astrology.

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Foreign Opportunities

Guiding force that can help you mould your destiny.

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Expansion of spiritual awareness and self realisation.

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Name Suggest

Determines the qualities and nature, of an individual.

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Love & Relaionship

A guiding light to know if your choices are right.

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Remedies to spiritually cure unfavourable health troubles.

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Other Important Reports

We at AskAstroGuru help you understand your life stages and accurately suggest remedies for different problems.


Kala sarpa yog report

By - Vijaya Ratna

Detailed report if your chart afflicted with Kala Sarpa Dosha.

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Janam Kundli Report

By - Vijaya Ratna

A full and detailed report and analysis of your Janma Kundali.

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Plam Reading

By - Prassad Guruji

Get Palm reading to understand important events of your life.

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Astrology Team

A team of spiritual advisers and highly experience astrologers, we at AskAstroGuru, are dedicated professionals who strive to serve our society.


Neelakanta Sastry

Neelakanta Sastry

M.A Astrology

Neelakanta Sastry is a renowned palmist and astrologer with an experience of over 20 years. He has a quick intuition when it comes to helping people with his vision.

Uma Maheswar

Uma Maheswar is a well known and senior astrologer with a vast knowledge in every subject be it numerology, palmistry, vastu...

Vijaya Ratna Kumari

Vijaya Ratna Kumari

M.A Astrology

Vijaya Ratnam is an experienced astrologist with a master’s degree in astrology, and a powerful vision that can help you with a self introspection.

Vijaya Sri Lakshmi

Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi is having good knowledge and passion towards Astrology, she holds Jyothish from Indian council of astrological sciences (ICAS). She is instrumental in helping lot of people with proper guidance who come to AskAstroGuru platform with queries.

Special services

Customized and Special services as per your horoscope to address any kind of rituals, remedies that are required.


AstroGuru Pal

If you need any time over phone suggestion through out the year in every stage of your life

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Doshas and Remedies

Analysis of Pitra dosh, Kalsarpa, Mangalik, Sadhesati and remedies

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Pooja Suggestion

Complete remedies oriented report - Gem, Rudrakha and Pooja recommendation based on your horoscope.

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