scorpio – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Spending time analysing areas in your life that may be negatively impacting your health is a difficult task. However, it will give also give you a chance to objectively make slight changes that can improve your well-being

Profession: If you have been losing your patience in work, talking through the reasons why is the only way that things can move forward.

Personal Life: You often avoid revealing your true feelings for fear of rejection. But this tactic will get you nowhere. If you never say how you feel, you might lose the person you want

Emotions: Suppressing feelings won’t make them go away. Be careful of this.

Travel: With Mercury re-entering Cancer today, travel of any kind will be difficult.

Luck: You tend to think the world is against you at time. You need to shift this outlook.

libra – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Routine can feel like a real slog sometimes. Shake it up and you’ll renew your motivation.

Profession: Roles are tested today, and confrontation might be necessary. This is never easy for you but if you want people to see your worth you need to step outside your comfort zone.

Personal Life: Attraction is a funny thing. It can be exciting and terrifying. Whatever you are feeling, enjoy it and make sure to tell the special person in your life how are you feeling

Emotions: Listen to your inner voice and what it is telling you.

Travel: Make a reservation at your favourite restaurant or hotel and make the most of your weekend.

Luck: Manging to see the good in bad is a power that has the potential to unlock all the luck in the world.

virgo – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Being kind to your mind and body will ensure a healthy life. Don’t neglect one aspect for another.

Profession: Being stubborn about how you want things done won’t benefit you right now. Be open to other ideas and a better working environment will follow. Try to avoid big purchases, you will only regret them.

Personal Life: Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. It’s the only way a real and lasting connection can flourish.

Emotions: Except emotional turbulence but use this to grow.

Travel: Make sure you have all your trips away jotted down. Small or big it can be difficult to keep track and one might get missed.

Luck: Comparison is the thief of joy. You are exactly where you need to be, so don’t dwell on others luck.

leo – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Try a yoga class with a friend for some tranquillity. It is exactly what is needed after a stressful week.

Profession: Watch out for unnecessary drama at work. Power struggles might create tension. Just be mindful of this when approaching certain situations.

Personal Life: Never let someone else’s viewpoint confuse yours. Only you know how you really feel about someone.

Emotions: A positive conversation has the potential to shift your thought pattern for the day.

Travel: It’s time to start crossing places off that bucket list.

Luck: Take a chance today. You never know the outcome until you do.

pisces – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Don’t let a bad day turn your health kick into a bad weekend. Everyone is allowed off days.

Profession: Living within your means isn’t your strongest suit. Offer to do overtime if you are struggling this month.

Personal Life: If commitment is freaking you out, take time to be on your own. Your own needs always come first, don’t forget this.

Emotions: Extreme highs might be mixed with some lows today. Do your best to work through the feelings as and when they happen

Travel: Staying home can be just as fun as going further afield. Whatever you do with your time, make sure to appreciate it.

Luck: A burst of insight will offer good fortune.

aquarius – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Strengthen your mind and heart with a physical activity today. Whatever you enjoy, get out there and do it!

Profession: Distraction can waste a lot of time. If you aren’t getting what you want out of your day, take appropriate breaks.

Personal Life: This is a powerful time to commit to someone. If you have been holding off, push forward.

Emotions: A boost in energy will make you want to take on the world

Travel: Hectic travel plans may be making you appreciate home comforts more than ever.

Luck: If you don’t think luck is going your way right now envision where you’d like it to go and put a plan of action into place to get you there.

capricorn – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Don’t push yourself too hard. There is no pressure on you, so don’t put it on yourself.

Profession: You aren’t going to tolerate somebody who isn’t pulling their weight. Talk to the persona mutual respect will be fostered. You love shopping for nice things, but don’t lose the run of yourself.

Personal Life: Prepare to have an open and emotional conversation with someone in your life. It’s exactly what’s needed and will add clarity to a muddy situation.

Emotions: Closure will bring a whole range of positive emotions flooding your way.

Travel: Your life might feel a bit all over the place. But these feelings will bring new changes.

Luck: Share other peoples joy and you’ll always be lucky.

sagittarius – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Cooking can be therapeutic and is a great way to get the family involved. Good conversation, and a tasty meal. What could be better for your health

Profession: Friday drinks are needed today to reconnect with colleagues and blow off some steam. They will give you a chance to be yourself and put some old work dramas to bed.

Personal Life: Keep things light and easy today. Too much intensity is not what you need right now

Emotions: Getting your own way might not feel like the easiest thing in the world right now. But explain how it will help you and your own feelings right now and people will understand.

Travel: If you want to break away from familiar surroundings, discover new areas from locals themselves. There are lots of free walking tours no matter where you are.

Luck: Never assume anything. Assumption is the pitfall of all good things.

cancer – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Challenge yourself. Pushing through a difficult challenge will make you feel better than expected.

Profession: If your role feels repetitive just remember it takes time to get comfortable with things before moving on. New challenges are coming.

Personal Life: With Mercury re-entering Cancer today you need to make a decision about your current love situation. You might be reconsidering something you promised, talk about it.

Emotions: Talk to people around you to better understand your own feelings.

Travel: A local exploring day can help teach you some interesting facts about your area.

Luck: Feeling lucky and being lucky are sometimes directly correlated

gemini – On 19-7-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Comparing yourself to other people is never any good. Focus on your own goals and your own journey. Only then will you notice all the positive changes.

Profession: Someone may test you today. Try and stay calm and talk through any issues rationally.

Personal Life: The lunar eclipse has brought about some deep emotions. These need to be addressed for your love life to move forward

Emotions: Words aren’t everything. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean. Don’t let this upset you.

Travel: Visiting a new place in your area will make you realise how much you have right on your doorstep.

Luck: What other people have doesn’t necessarily make them any luckier than you.