scorpio – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Use your friends as motivation. If you’ve been feeling less than enthusiastic then they can help you.

Profession: A big career shift may be on the cards. Is it time to change your path? Only you know what’s right.

Personal Life: Just when you thought you were over someone; they manage to creep back into your life. Stay strong.

Emotions: As a Scorpio, you tend to have some pretty strong emotions. Just don’t lash out on those closest to you.

Travel: An old friend may have arranged to come and see you. Plan some fun activities and you’ll reconnect.

Luck: Try not to play the victim all the time when things don’t go your way.

libra – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Recruit a friend or work colleague to join you on a fitness journey. It can be a fun activity for the coming months.

Profession: If you have been feeling overworked then talk to your boss. Airing any issues can help you move forward.

Personal Life: If you have been taking a back seat in your relationship then now is the time to be the leader. You need to have balance, after all.

Emotions: Don’t be afraid to let your wall down.

Travel: It might be time to arrange a holiday with your family.

Luck: Sometimes a good laugh is all the luck you need.

virgo – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Healthy living doesn’t have to be boring. There are lots of great YouTube cooking tutorials to keep it interesting.

Profession: It’s been an expensive few weeks, and you may be feeling the pinch. Budget as best you can for the rest of the month.

Personal Life: For all the single Virgos it’s time to put the past in the past and get yourself out there. A little bit of confidence and a smile from you is enough to woo anyone.

Emotions: To find inner peace you must want it.

Travel: You will want to be close to friends more than ever this month. Try to make it happen any way you can.

Luck: Have fate in yourself.

leo – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: If you have been feeling flat then channel your energy into incorporating some new meals into your diet. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Profession: Don’t put too much on your plate. Delegate if it is needed.

Personal Life: Acceptance of your lover’s desires will create a much more rounded relationship. It might be exactly what you need to take things to the next level.

Emotions: Let your true feelings show, people will appreciate your honesty.

Travel: An offer from a friend will be too good to pass up.

Luck: Be careful what you wish for.

pisces – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: If you want to get back on track health-wise, then remember healthy habits that make you feel good. Then try to stick to them.

Profession: Work hard, but remember to shut off when you can. Doing this will help keep you focussed.

Personal Life: Don’t confuse lust for love. This will only leave you feeling dejected.

Emotions: If negative feelings are beginning to get the better of you, confide in a friend.

Travel: You are a natural home bird, but if you have the desire for a breakaway; book it.

Luck: Be accepting of all circumstances to get the most from life.

aquarius – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Go the extra mile today. You will need to use lots of energy after a stressful day.

Profession: Be willing to compromise in the workplace. Everything can’t be done according to your wants all the time.

Personal Life: Have an honest conversation with a partner about how you feel today. Your third house of communication will be alight, so it’s a perfect time.

Emotions: Navigating our emotional needs can be challenging. But it is important.

Travel: Not every journey will be smooth this week.

Luck: Good luck will always pass. But so will bad luck.

capricorn – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Build your fitness day by day. These things take time.

Profession: Get back to what you love, and you will find yourself making enough money to sustain yourself. Isn’t that enough?

Personal Life: An unexpected meeting with someone will foster a deep connection. Whether it’s romantic or just friendship is yet to be seen.

Emotions: You’re sending out mixed signals to the universe. It’s time to focus on what you need and want.

Travel: Solitary travel plans are an excellent idea for you right now, Capricorn.

Luck: Be willing to see other points of view to gain a greater understanding of how your luck works.

sagittarius – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: You can inspire others to eat clean by making meal prep look so easy and that’s a great gift. Use it to your best ability.

Profession: You are naturally curious. If a new job offer arises, take it!

Personal Life: You may be feeling curious and ready to explore your sexuality. And why not? Now is a perfect time.

Emotions: With your ruling planet back home this is a time to expand your mind.

Travel: Don’t be afraid to leap, you love to travel after all.

Luck: How lucky you are to be exactly where you need to be, surrounded by so many amazing people.

cancer – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: Structure your day to include exercise. Set time aside for a sit-down meal. All these little practices will create good habits.

Profession: A stressful meeting may have you questioning everything. Take time to dissect it. Don’t let it bring you down too much.

Personal Life: If your desires aren’t being fulfilled, then express them to a partner or potential love interest. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?

Emotions: It’s been a crazy month so far. But de-stressing is important, make sure you are doing this.

Travel: A new and exciting door opens for you shortly.

Luck: You can achieve anything you want. Don’t forget this.

gemini – On 16-9-2019

By | Daily Horoscope

Health: With energiser Mars in Virgo, your house of fitness and exercise, you’ll feel ready to take on any challenge. Now is the time to get out there and exercise.

Profession: Don’t let jaded attitudes of others impact your work. Ignore the negative energy.

Personal Life: There is a flirty feeling in the air. Just make sure innocent flirting won’t get you into trouble.

Emotions: A new day is a new opportunity to think positive thoughts.

Travel: Don’t venture too far today, or you’ll be left feeling stressed.

Luck: Be happy for other people and it will always come back around.