Arians are ambitious people. They are one of a kind while being extremely courageous, energetic, impulsive and slightly ingenuine at times. They love their personal space and freedom, and have an aggressive nature. Their ruling planet is Mars which belongs to the element fire. This makes them extremely active and intolerant to being inactive. They are outspoken and will speak the truth without any biases and are usually correct in their observations. Arian have an extravagance hidden in them with an extreme progressive mind. They love politics and religion as subjects. Their lives are very hectic with quite a bit of travelling, and have strong chances for regular touring.

Arians have an inclination towards settling in a foreign land too. They usually enjoy good health, and have a strong immune system. However, if they are affected, the condition is quite severe. Arians are also prone to major injuries such as burns and road accidents. Hence they must avoid rash driving and must be cautious with anything related to fire. They are usually short tempered and impatient in nature.The result is based on their hardworking nature.Due their secret relations they faces many problems and work will be ended.these people will face more problems regarding to police,court,education,accidents. The persons born under Aries sign have a bit dark complexioned face, eyes somewhat brown, dwarf or medium height, sturdy and strong body, long neck and they talk cleverly.

The persons of this sign as a rule are solitary by nature; they have smiling faces and are less spoken. They are brisk walkers. They have thin teeth in the lower jaw, upper jaw may sometimes have long teeth protruding out of the mouth. Anger reflects from their faces. They have ample travels and frequent transfers from place to place in life. Service or business they acquire has touring feature. Usually they may have bleeding teeth. They possess limited intelligence. They prefer to work under directions and guidance from others. Their eyes acquire red or pale colour. They have scars on forehead or face. They are temperamental in nature and are prone to fevers and blood diseases. They may have some skin diseases or are prone to them. They have large eyes and rough hair. They are ambitious, courageous and vigilant for self-respect. They shape their own destiny by dint of struggle and hard work. They are straight forward, generous and lovers of freedom. They are practical at work and work for welfare in many areas of the social fabric. They may have weak knees and are allergic to suffocation of closed chambers. Many of them are water phobic. They like to stick to the profession or job they do. They may sometimes be acknowledged as friend offenders in the society because they don't open up with their likes and dislikes. They usually have fewer children. They are gluttonous.

Important to remember

  • Favourable gods: Shanmuka

  • Dhana Dharma’s: Cow ghee,brass things,camphor, fruits,shankam,gold.

  • Directions: South,east directions.

  • The Starting letters of Name: Chu,Choo,Che,Chay,Cho,La,Lha,Li,Lee,Lhi,Lu,Loo,Lhu,Le,Lay,Lo,A

  • This rashi includes Ashwini, Bharani and first Charan of Krittika Nakshatras.

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