Cancerians are emotional people and very soft spoken by nature.They are sentimental and talkative which makes them compassionate and friendly with anyone and everyone. They generally face problems with people they trust, yet are liked by many. They are very adjusting and change according to the situation. When it comes to personal relations and romance they are domestic and are very dedicated and loyal to their partners and loved ones. They do well in commercial careers and cannot tolerate dishonesty in any aspect. They themselves are extremely honest people and often face problems with this nature. They are artistic and can also do very well if they take up any of their artistic qualities to a commercial scale.

They are domestic and love to be surrounded by close family and friends. They generally accumulate wealth in small amounts and are very good with financial management. However, they believe is a practical and lavish style of lifestyle and tend to spend more than required at times. Overall their lives are smooth. Their health is prone to be fragile and usually have unexplained stomach problems. They make amazing husbands and wifes, and can sacrifice anything for the sake of their children.

The persons under the influence of cancer sign are sensitive, conservative. They are introverts. They love occult science. They are sympathetic, energetic and imaginative. They usually live outside their native place. The sign includes last charans of Punarvasu, full Pushya and full Aashlesha Nakshatras. They are water lovers. They like natural scenery. They love traveling and roaming. Their upper jaws are usually big. They possess round face and long organs of body. They are brisk in walking; they are fearless and somewhat rough in talks but are straightforward. They love the opposite sex. Sometimes are bigamous. They are inventive and intuitive and are hurt easily.
They are obstinate, non-emotional and show less hospitality and quite often are sentimental. They are slow workers. They have protruding hips and have slanted vision sight. They obtain quick gains of their company. They also acquire inherited property. They love luxuries in life and are usually pious people. They are prone to gastric aliments. They love fine arts like drama, music, acting etc. They are showy people. They often catch diseases. They have soft bones and are good critics. They are highly prone to chest and lung infections. They have moles, scars, warts etc., on the left side of their body.

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