The ruling planet for librans is Venus. Librans are very courteous, hospitable, quick in temper which cools down quite soon. They are attracted to beauty in all forms, are easily appeased, and enjoy the company of brave, vivacious people.

Librans are affectionate, generous, idealistic, constructive, intuitive, and inspirational, and of extreme compromising nature.They become easily popular. Fond of opposite gender people, and are known to be argumentative with clarity and foresight. They win most of the arguments with this quality of theirs.They are warm and charming, and take interest in their appearance, as well as their belongings.

Their lifestyle is very important to them and often prefer to have good looking sleek and classy things in their homes. They are soft spoken and gentle, but quite emotional and must keep a control on their emotions, and should not let things get out of hand. They should cultivate the art of forgiveness, but should never forget and be careful in their dealings with other people. They must have a close check on their expenditure as they are tent to spend extravagantly. Librans know how to enjoy life to the fullest. They are a little carefree type of people at times, and tend to be callous.They make everlasting friends, and are the same with others too. They are honest in love. They are experts in love affairs but they are also sincere with every relation they are into. They usually tend to marry early, happy at home and in social life. Librans have a good physical structure, but are prone to infectious diseases. They must be very careful with health and have doctor visits regularly.

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