Sagittarians are brave and bold by nature. They do not tremble even in adverse situations and fight till they achieve success. Even if they are unsuccessful in a challenge or are subject to massive failure, they still remain optimistic and move on. They take action after a deep consideration, and are jovial, generous and charitable.They love liberty and independence and are good humored personalities. Sagittarians are demonstrative, outspoken, fearless, nervously energetic, calculative, ambitious, sincere and brisk. They possess a strong desire to develop friendship with foreigners. They are God fearing and religious.

They are inclined towards intuitive and prophetic powers. They are aggressively progressive and wait for an advantageous situation and opportunity to grow professionally and personally. They prefer being very discreet in their conversations and do not talk one extra word. They aspire to get higher education and are extremely inclined towards travelling. They hate to be under the control of others. Professions that they are best suitable for are company law, civil engineering, human resources department, foreign embassies or in foreign affairs.

The people under this sign are men of principle, following their religion. They are the nucleus of their families, earning for all. They have great potentials, happy and lucky attitude towards life. They are enterprising, logical, leaders, have healthy attitude towards life. They gain popularity through their actions and intelligence. They are optimistic, truthful and generous. They are loyal, independent, modest, and virtuous. They attain their goals in life. They are usually born in rich families and do not acquire riches by their efforts. They have long faces and necks and other parts of body attractive but conspicuous. They are soft-spoken and quite popular. They stick to their friendship. They are courageous but tolerant. They lose their hair of their head early. They work without thinking of fruits. Even if they are traders they are honest. They are quick to anger; are more idealistic and dominating. They attain rise of destiny at the age of 22-23 years.

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