Scorpio is a reptilian zodiac representing the poisonous scorpion. This sign can be good or can be bad. Both ways they are on an extreme level. They have control over their senses and be very nice to people, but if they are of the other type, they can be jealous of others and rude, strong willed but irreconcilable and seekers of sadistic pleasure. They are quick, shrewd, and critical in their judgement. They are self reliant, bold and have fixed views. It is very difficult to convince scorpios and hard to influence them. However they can become very influential people and public figures too. They are sarcastic and can easily hurt people knowingly or unknowingly. A few are of practical in their nature.

Scorpions do well in artistic and scientific fields such as films chemical research and in history. They are self assertive, extremists, and have strong likes and dislikes, with a tendency to override others and keep them under control. Their feelings and emotions are intense, and they’re blessed with the power of intuition. They are impulsive, and can at times be constructive and destructive both. They have qualities of being frugal and economical, and like to be self-made. They are a little ill tempered, but never lose their rational thinking and are extremely repulsive towards gossip, loose talk, and are only concerned with their own work. They can be reliable but in case they face any situation where others misbehave or become unfaithful, they become revengeful, and merciless. Scorpions are lucky with finances. They generally enjoy an cordial and happy domestic life. happy. They are good friends and can be worst enemies. Their health is usually good but they also need to be active and exercise regularly to stay fit for a long time.

The scorpions are quite serious in nature mixed with a blend of jealousy. The sign comprises of the last charan of Vishakha, full Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatras. The people with this sign are trustworthy, honest, truthful and sincere. They have big teeth, big jaws, fair complexion, medium height and fat body. They are of medium height and possess fat body appearance. They are short tempered, self-confident and courageous people. They normally seek jobs associated with chemicals, army and technology. They are also successful in business. They are violent and do not care for repercussions in scuffles and trifles. They sometimes harm their health by addictions. They use rough language and are straightforward in their speech. They do and finish their work quite fast but irritate others by their nature. They speak less but believe more in action. They are learned, intelligent, and helpful to others and do social work. They may have a thick nose but are attractive. They believe in religion. They are repellent to opposite sex. The early stages of their lives are usually marked with hardships, but destiny shines to them between 32-35 of their age. They are clever in earning. They don't have good relations with their brothers and sisters. They may have scars on hands and legs. They are impatient and love rituals more than truth. Though they are outspoken, a soft heart within them worries about children usually surrounding them.

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