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The idle Room sizes for House construction are 9X11'3,9X13'6,9X15,9X18 in Fts, It is not suugestable to construct rooms more than 9X18 Fts.


Variants of Vastu

Life as a whole depends on various aspects of existence and evolution. The most important are the five elements that are necessary for a balanced life. Wind, water, land, fire and wood. If you are wondering how these elements benefit us with a sound lifestyle, air, water, and land are basic for human life. However, your doubt might puzzle you over how wood and metal are important for a healthy and harmonious living. Well, you’ve landed on the right page, we have a team of best vastu consultants in Hyderabad. Here we talk about vastu shastra and Vastu Planner, an ancient science of from the Hindu system of architecture that unifies science, astronomy, art and astrology.

Vastu shastra depends of different energies from the elements of nature such as the sun, cosmos, thermal power, magnetic field of the earth, lunar positioning, light and the wind, which carry tremendous energies. These energies can be adjusted towards leading a prosperous and peaceful life, and it also brings luck to favour you.


To give you a basic understanding of what we help you with in vastu shastra is; the direction your house should be built in, the entrance, when you must place wooden, glass or metal items, where you should have your balcony and kitchen etc., and much more. The winds are the navigators of luck, and if you have every area of your residence in the right direction, you’re on the right route to a better living. Your new house plan or buying a new plot for house/business, our Vastu pandits will review and suggest which can favour you in the due course of life.

Here we have a list of vastu suggestion services for your homes and offices:

  • Vastu for offices

  • Vastu for building a house

  • Vastu for entrance direction of a house

  • Vastu for master bedroom

  • Vastu for children’s bedroom

  • Vastu for drawing room

  • Vastu for balcony

  • Vastu for kitchen

  • Vastu for pooja room

  • Vastu for plants indoor and outdoor

  • Vastu shanti

It is said that man is the cause, subject and the object of the invention of architecture. Hence, it is inevitable for man to relate architecture to the experience of his existence in the world, among many others like him, with himself, and with nature.

Vastu shastra translates to ‘the science of architecture’, which means it deals with all the aspects of the geographic conditions that your houses and offices being built in. The calculations and study of vastu can help you put the foundation of the architectural structure in the right direction with the right amount of every energy entering in. A vastu reading will help you make the right choices if you are purchasing a flat and will fill your homes and offices with positivity and success. So, if you are looking for any astral reading and help before you make any choices, we are here to guide you. Call us and Book an Appointment with our Vastu consultants and we shall help you with the best of our services.

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