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Career is an important part of everyone’s life. In an era of global growth and advancement, it is even more a necessity to have good education and a good career. Some of you might have a lot of things to your liking, but to know what you are good at, you look for a counsellor. But have you thought of what best suits you as a career option?

That’s when you need an external force to guide you make the right choice with your career. Astrology can help you know your hidden talents, and pursue your passion in the right direction that will make your career bright.

Career astrology can also predict the personality, intelligence quotient, and a possibility of what career a person will choose in future. There are three things that determine a person’s career according to vedic astrology.

  1. Planet Saturn
  2. The zodiac Capricorn
  3. The 10th house
Saturn is the planet for career, and has the maximum power to shape your career well. An astrological reading of your birth chart can even tell you if you stand a good chance for starting your own business. Since Capricorn is one of the most important things to determine a person’s career future, if Saturn is placed in Capricorn, it represents an authoritative and and extremely powerful person.

Vedic astrology defines many professions that could bring success to people depending on the placement of saturn and other planetary positions in the 10th house. We at Astro Guru provide a detailed analysis of your birth chart, and read your planetary positions to help you know what field you must choose as career option that could bring success.

At astro Guru, we have a professional team of senior astrologers who specialise in career astrology specifically. Their experience has led them to helping many people from various backgrounds and have gained popularity as spiritual guides to many people. If you too are looking for guidance with regard to your career, you’re certainly at the right place. We’re here to guide you to make a good future for yourself and offer your services to make the world a better, safe and a happy space to live in.

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Neelakanta Sastry

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Neelakanta Sastry is a renowned palmist and astrologer with an experience of over 20 years. He has a quick intuition when it comes to helping people with his vision.

Uma Maheswar

Uma Maheswar is a well known and senior astrologer with a vast knowledge in every subject be it numerology, palmistry, vastu...

Vijaya Ratna Kumari

Vijaya Ratna Kumari

M.A Astrology

Vijaya Ratnam is an experienced astrologist with a master’s degree in astrology, and a powerful vision that can help you with a self introspection.

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