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Who does not like to travel and see new places? Everyone does. It is a great opportunity to see, know, learn and share new experiences. It is a form of awareness and education to be exposed to various cultures and lifestyles. It is a great way to relax too! However, the quest for great experiences, and the endeavor for a better living doesn’t end there. Many of you might pursue further studies and plan to take up jobs abroad.

That definitely sounds like a good plan. But many of you might be facing a dilemma as to whether to go ahead with the choice of going abroad, or may be you wish to go but don’t know how to take your plans to the next level. Professional counselling and many other techniques can be taken into consideration. But there’s a whole new game your planets play, and their role is quite crucial for you to have the chance to make a living far away from home on another land.

That’s when astrology can be the guiding force that can help you know your destiny, and mould your destiny if you have a strong desire to go to a foreign land. At Astro Guru, we are a team of specialists in predicting your career future and the possible chances and opportunities that you could be, or rather are destined to have in life.

So, here we throw some light on how we predict foreign opportunities for an individual.

Planets are an integral part and in fact the most important for astrological readings and predictions. Planetary positioning during the birth of an individual determines the personality, nature and everything that the person will face as a child or an adult. Every important incident of a person’s life depends on the karmic cycle and the planetary positioning of the ruling planet of the person. Similarly, to have a chance of studying, and settling abroad you must have the suitable planetary positions in the house that determines overseas travel.

Take a look at the following yogas that indicate strong chances of travelling to foreign lands with all the needed combinations and permutations:

To begin with, you must know what each house represents/ signifies in a horoscope.According to vedic astrology;

  • The 1st house - Represents yourself, the native, and the impulse that’s built inside you.

  • The 3rd house - Indicates short travels

  • The 4th house - A residence/ home

  • The 7th house - Represents a longer stay in a faraway land, away from home

  • The 8th house - This indicates far away lands away from your birth place, and is unknown

  • The 9th house - The 9th house is a clear indication of travelling to a foreign land

  • The 12th - The 12th house itself is the foreign land.

In any horoscope, the Lords of 7th, 9th, and 12th houses are indicative of the primary planets that create chances for an individual to go abroad.

Here are a few more important indications of certain combinations and relations between the lord of houses in a person’s horoscope. If your birth chart has any such combination, you might have strong chances on similar grounds as mentioned below. Read on.

1. 9th lord in 4th house - The 12th house, and 7th house become extremely powerful for an individual’s travel to a foreign country.

2. 9th lord in 12th house - You might travel overseas in search of a guru, a spiritual teacher who can help you turn to your inward self.

3. 12th lord in 1st house, and the 1st lord in 7th house - These two combinations indicate that you might life far away from homeland and even settle there. In most cases it is about settling in a foreign country.

The indications are many, and your endeavours are challenging. Now that’s a great combination too! If you wish to know what is it that is causing the travel you are destined for, we at Astro Guru can help you know it. We are a team of professional astrologers with a vast experience in predicting much more that just the chances. Your time of travel and the duration are also a huge part of our prediction. All you need to do is to help us help you. Get an appointment scheduled with us and we’re waiting to help you.

Foreign opportunity

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