Health Issues

Health is an important part of life. Its is the state where the mind, body, both work efficiently and bring in vitality that helps one lead a better life. However, many times, it so happens that people fall prey to illnesses that cause pain, fear, distress, and mental instability. It has now become very common among people, and is most commonly seen in the younger generation who is supposedly the future of our country and the world.

Then the quest is, what causes this problem?

Health problems are caused due to indiscipline, faulty food patterns, or could be a genetic carry over that you might not realise immediately. But there’s a little more than just the few reasons mentioned here. Again the roots are the same, your karma, and your ruling planets that influence your personality. It is hard to believe it, but in vedic astrology, it is stated that planetary positions have a great influence of how we live, and can be reasons for good or bad health.

Let’s look at a basic overview of what vedic astrology says about health problems an individual faces in life, and what could one do to reduce the negative effect.

In vedic astrology, horoscope consists of 12 houses, and all the aspects of human lives are said to be under the control of these 12 houses, and health is a part of it. In fact, health is one of the major sphere of life that is controlled by . the planetary positioning. Here the first house indicates the mind, face, and the personality of an individual, the second house indicates voice, the third house indicates the chest and arms, and the fourth house indicates the heart. The list goes on indicating each part of the body.

Now when there is a health issue, it means that there is a planetary dislocation with the malefic planets trying to overpower your ability to fight the illness. This can affect any of your organs. In some cases it could be a single organ, and in some cases the malefic planets can affect multiple organs causing you extreme health problems. It is known as mahadasha of a planet where the malefic planets have a bad effect on any of the houses.

Astrology has solutions for these problems too. Although medical science has a much more faster and easier approach towards treatments for health problems, sometimes faith and bhakti can have much better and positive effects. This can be set right through astrological consultations to overcome certain problems.

Astrology might sound unconventional and not so convincing at the beginning, but has a very simple and scientific approach to certain health conditions. It can help you understand what and where you could be going wrong with regard to your health, and can provide remedies such as charity, certain religious chanting, gemstones that can have a stronger and positive influence that overpowers the bad effect cause to your health. At Astro Guru, we specialise in understanding your case in depth, with a deep analysis of your planetary positioning and help you with the best of the remedies that can help you cope with your health issues and rise above all odds into having a healthy life.

You will have to put in some effort to keep your environment clean and your mind in a peaceful state with less stress and worry. This will make your planetary dislocations also set right and have a good and pleasant influence on you. So, call us now, and get your readings right if you have even the slightest worry with regard to your health.

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Health Issues

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