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Marriage is an institution involving a lot of responsibility, challenges and learning at every single step. In Hindu tradition marriage has been depicted as a respectful part of lives where a couple is said to each other’s better halves, example; ‘Ardhanareshwar’ and ‘Ardhangini’. However, not everyone has a happy marriage many times, not everyone might have it in their destiny. You may say that it is karma which is responsible for your destiny, or unfavourable planetary positioning. It is perhaps interrelated too.

Let us take a quick glance at a few possibilities for the delay in marriage, no marriage in destiny, and problems in marriage due to certain combinations of planetary placements.

The Sun, Saturn, and Mars are the main malefic planets that create problems related to marriage in one’s birth chart. The combination that causes an individual to have no marriage is the Sun and the Saturn interfering together with the 7th house from the Moon or an Ascendant. However, there is still a ray of hope. A strong influence can have a neutralising effect on the dislocated planets, giving a chance of having marriage in an unconventional way.

The other combinations for no marriage in destiny are:

  • When the Sun and Saturn jointly influence Venus, the Karka for marriage. It can be quite damaging in the charts of ladies.

  • Sun in 2nd and Saturn in 12th this is another dangerous planetary position which can be very difficult to cope with.

  • When the 7th house is trapped between two malefic planets placed in 6th & 8th houses.

  • If 7th house and Venus are also subjected to malefic planetary influence, the denial of marriage in the charts is strengthened and inevitable.

The above are a few examples of what kind of planetary combinations in the positioning could cause a person to have no marriage in their charts. But, there are numerous other malefics that cause delays and other unfavourable problems as a hindrance to such a great part of one’s life. You can book an appointment with Astro Guru to get your birth chart analysed and studied in case you feel you need some help.

Here we can also have a quick glance over the remedies that can help you reverse the malefic influence of a bad planetary positioning.

These remedies include certain poojas and rituals, along with wearing certain gemstones that are studied physically and astrologically with a confirmation of having a calming effect on an individual. Astrology for marriage does not give you direct solutions, but the strength to fight a problem and the belief that you take away to make your life better. In fact gemstone are related with the planets and it also depends on the individual’s birth chart and their ruling planet. It is important to cross check with a qualified astrologer before you wear a gemstone, because if you end up wearing a wrong one, it can have adverse effect and a negative influence on your life.

So, make sure you visit us in case you have something you’d like to know or clear your doubts about. Write to us or simply contact us for more information. We are as your service, with a vision to make your life easier and better.

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