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Welcoming a new entrant in the family is a big event in everyone’s life. For the parents it is a huge responsibility, and a pleasant challenge that life offers. Now, with this life changing opportunity comes the duty of naming your child with luck, blessings, and most importantly, an identity. Well, at Astro Guru, we talk about all that you must know about the importance of a name, and why it is a wise decision to name your child based on astrology.

What is in a name?

Well, the question above probably reminds you of a classic play by Shakespeare. The context is different in the play, what what’s connecting here is the importance of the name. A name gives you identity, and also reflects your personality. Now, since you know that name is a reflection of what kind of a person you are, you might also be wondering what determines this link.

We, at Astro Guru are here to clear all your doubts and all other presumptions that you might have about names and their connection with astrology. So, to begin with, here’s why it it important to name your child based on astrological readings of their birth chart.

According to astrology, the planetary positions and place of birth for a person has a significant impact on their life. The planets, constellations, and stars play a crucial role in determining the qualities, nature, and even life events of the individual. It is also believed that the placement of stars determines the initial letter of the child’s name and it is brings luck and prosperity to the child in future.

Now, moving ahead, let us have a clear understanding of the birth stars/ nakshatras and the initials that are applicable for each of them. Also, it is important to know that every birth star has various padas, and the initials for individuals born under these padas can vary from those born under the same star with a different pada.

There are 27 nakshatras, and here’s a the list for your reference.

Nakshatra 1st Pada 2nd Pada 3rd Pada 4th Pada
Ashwini Chu Che Cho Laa
Bharani Lee Loo Le Lo
Krittika A Ee U E
Rohini O Va Vee Vu
Mrigashirsha Ve Vo Kaa Kee
Ardra Ku Gha Ing Chha
Punarvasu Ke Ko Haa Hee
Pushya Hu He Ho Daa
Ashlesha Dee Du De Do
Magha Maa Mee Moo Me
Purva Phalguni Mo Maa Tee Tu
Uttara Phalguni Te To Paa Pee
Hasta Poo Sha Na Tha
Chitra Pe Po Ra Ree
Swati Ru Re Ro Taa
Vishakha Tee Tu Te To
Anuradha Naa Nee Nu Ne
Jyeshta No Yaa Yee Yoo
Mula Ye Yo Bhaa Bhee
Purva Ashadha Bhoo Dhaa Pha Dha
Uttara Ashadha Bhe Bho Jaa Jee
Shravana Khee Khoo Khe Kho
Dhanishta Gaa Gee Gu Ge
Satabhisha Go Saa See Soo
Purva Bhadrapada Se So Daa Dee
Uttara Bhadrapada Doo Tha Jha Yna
Revati De Do Cha Chee

So, these are the initials for each nakshatra and the padas. We are all born with some good, great, and some not so great qualities. However, based on these birth nakshatras, when you name your newborn, it does have a great effect on them in terms of health, wealth, nature and personality. Astro Guru is here to guide you through this process, and you will surely have a good experience.

Feel free to contact us for any further information or a consultation you should need, with regards to name suggestions. Our team of highly experience ad intuitive astrologers help you with solutions for issues and spiritual guidance for a better future.


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