Everything that we experience in life, anything that we do and life in itself has calculations involved. Birth, age, money, and time, all have numbers. Thus, we are bound to have numbers to define us. Numerology is that logical study or a play of planetary numbers that we are born with. While talking about how it concerns human nature, the positioning angle, timings etc, of planets has a direct impact on a person during birth. Hence, numerology can be called the language that allows the expansion of spiritual awareness through numbers. Numerology is often used as a tool to have a better insight about your deeper self, personality traits, talents, life goals, opportunities, and challenges. At AskAstroGuru, we have a team of best Numerologists in Hyderabad which will help you understand your life numbers.

With the help of numerology and numerologists, you can find out more about your strengths and weaknesses which will help you enhance your ideas on life and take better decisions. All you need to know is your date of birth and your full name mentioned on your birth certificate, to prepare your numerology chart. If you know the time of your birth that’s an added advantage. Please contact us to talk to Numerology Specialists.

As it is all to do with numbers, here’s a list of life path numbers that can define your personality traits. This is a self-help try, for your reference. We’re here to help you with more detailed readings if you wish for.

What's a Life-Path Number?

Your Life path number is the sum of the month of your birth, plus the day of your birth, plus the year of your birth.

Enter your date of birth:

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HOW-TO: Calculate the Life Path Number

1.Begin with your full birth date.

Example: DECEMBER 19, 2017

2. Reduce the month, day and year down to a single digit by adding them.


  • The day of birth is 19
  • Add 1 + 9 = 10.
  • Keep adding to digit down to a one-digit number:1 + 0 = 1


  • December is the 12th month
  • Add 1 + 2 = 3


  • The year of birth is 2017
  • Add all four numbers together: 2 + 0 + 1+ 7 = 10.
  • Continue adding until you get a one-digit number: 1 + 0 = 1

3. Now add the resulting single digits together to get the Life Path Number.

  • Month=3 + Day=1 + Year=2
  • 3 + 1 + 2 = 6
The Life Path number is 6


You are a born leader if your life path number is 1. You are exceptional willpower and determination towards your goals in life. Your number makes you extremely creative, original, highly spirited and full of energy. If you are a person with life path 1, you are very finicky when it comes to desires and achievements. You are an independent soul and are very focused when it comes to achieving goals. This can also make you become irritable if things don’t happen your way. Your performance is best when you are left to your own devices.


You’re a peacemaker if your life path number is a 2. People with life path number 2 are usually art lovers with a keen interest in music and poetry. You are sensitive and quite a shy personality by nature. You are a inclined towards a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere around you and keep away from any kind of annoying situations. If you are seeing someone, they are very lucky to have a sensitive and passionate lover like you. Your diplomatic and organizational skills are your strengths that help you perform difficult tasks with great ease.


You posses keenness for creativity and self-expression.You creativity is a gift that you have as it can take you to unimaginable heights in life, but not without continual focus and discipline. You are naturally an optimistic individual, and you posses resilience to overcome setbacks that come across in life. You are also emotional and vulnerable which can become an obstacle for your personal and professional growth.


The 4 Life Path make you a practical and down-to-earth personality by nature, with strong opinions about the rights and wrongs in life. You are a reliable and dependable individual, and are adored by everyone. You are loyal to those you love, and work in harmony with your colleagues. You tend to become a little stern with subordinates which might make them feel you’re being bossy and rude. You are practical and can handle money carefully. You are a family oriented person and often become a responsible and loving parent.


If your life path number is a 5, you are a free bird and love your freedom. You are fond of changes and newness in life. You know how to enjoy every aspect of the state of physical existence which includes food, sexual pleasure, adventure and other ways of enjoyment that life offers. However, there are a few drawbacks that you might have such as lack discipline and order. You are multitalented and are generally perceived as a rambunctious kid by most adults. Your challenge is to learn the true meaning of freedom.


People with life path 6 possess great compassion and seek to be, or rather are always of the thought to be of any help to others. If you are one of those with life path 6 then you are also bound to be quite a generous individual. It is in your nature to take the responsibility of filling the void left by others. You are a peace maker and excel in the art of maintaining harmony within the family or a group. Other qualities that you possess include kindness, and attractiveness. You are often admired by many people and are blessed with visual and performing arts such as dance and music with a great deal of charm.


Life path 7 is the number for those who seek the ultimate truth of life. You have a clear understanding of yourself as a spiritual being, and are well-equipped to handle tasks that are considered difficult by many others. You enjoy solitude and like to work alone, as that helps you focus well. You have an excellent ability to grasp anything that you try to learn, and have a great potential to grow professionally and personally.


People with Life Path 8 are gifted with exceptional leadership qualities and the capacity to accumulate wealth. You are a visionary, but are slightly reckless. You must work on becoming more responsible. You attract financial success more than people with any other life path number. You believe that power and influence must be used for the benefit of mankind and aim to achieve a high degree of detachment from the material world.

Business, finance, real estate, law, history, archeology and physics, are among the vocational fields that best suit you as career options.


If you are a life path 9, you are philanthropic, humanitarian, socially conscious, and deeply concerned about the state of the world. You are compassionate and believe in idealism.

You naturally attract people, and are often disappointed by the realities of life. You have a controlled enthusiasm, and have the ability to complete what you start efficiently. Money comes to you through mysterious or unexpected sources. Although you are a romantic person, your love is more impersonal. You tend to focus on your dreams very sincerely.


You are born to inspire many if you are a life path 11. You possess an extraordinary intuition and infinite amount of energy to creatively attract and impress people. You are witty too! All of this amounts to a great capacity for invention. You are born under one of the most powerful and potentially successful of all life path numbers which offers you the extremes of life’s possibilities.

Nevertheless, your power is delicate and exists by virtue of your vision. You must use it to inspire others to join you in your dream. You are gifted with extreme wit which can take you to heights. You are a steady partner in any relationship and are a great advisor.

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