Motherhood is the most important, and the most beautiful experience of womanhood. It is like having a whole new life all over again, with an entirely new identity that changes an individual dramatically. So, what would you tell a woman who eagerly asks you for a prediction about a pregnancy in her near future? An emotional inquiry that she comes with makes it quite clear that she is worried, and anxious about experiencing motherhood.

Likewise, as astrologers we feel equally responsible to help people in such situations by being able to answer these questions. We are motivated and qualified to identify an estimated time of a pregnancy that might occur, through certain planetary cycles.

Vedic astrology states that there is a specific house in a horoscope which represents the forthcoming of a new entrant through certain specific planetary combinations. It is also important to analyse the horoscope of the couple before drawing a concrete conclusion. In vedic astrology, the 5th house of a horoscope indicates childbirth. ‘Putra Dosha’ (the inability to conceive), is a part of the sins and virtues which are carried forward from a previous birth by default, and is denoted by the 5th house.

The astral reading and the analysis will then bring out the following points and further analyse the case. These points are considered to check the reasons for the delay in childbirth.

  • If the couple is destined to be childless for life.

  • If there’s a delay in childbirth and the prediction of the exact age of childbirth.

The above points and taken into consideration and the timing of childbirth is analysed from the dasha and the transit of the planets that affect childbirth. To be a little more detailed in this aspect, it is also important to consider having a detailed analysis of the ascendants and the moon sign to have a clear picture.

Planets play an important role in the personality of an individual, behaviour, and the life one leads. Likewise, childbirth is also a factor that is considered to be carefully analysed to be on the safe side. The positive planets with the 5th house that are associated with childbirth are the Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Moon. The malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars and the Sun are often not favourable for childbirth.

If you are facing any problem with childbirth, or have experienced a lost pregnancy, we are here to guide you right. You can call us, and fix a day for a personal reading. Please do write to us and give us your horoscope details if you wish to have a reading.

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